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The Founders of CupSquared came up with a fantastic new product idea for a much-needed menstrual cup cleaner whilst studying together at university. They approached us to help them realise the vision they had for their product and brand.

The goal was to make adopting the menstrual cup a more streamlined and convenient process thereby reducing the usage of single-use plastic waste. One of the most common challenges with using a menstrual cup is that of emptying and then cleaning the cup itself.

Although there are hundreds of menstrual cups available, there are few dedicated cleaners and containers. And those that are available are not useful when on the go.


The project started by reviewing a wide range of existing menstrual cups and ensuring that the container was sized correctly to suit all sizes and shapes. We then spent time focusing on the cleaning element of the design. It needed to be able to carry tap water, which would then be used to rinse the menstrual cup after being emptied.

This meant we needed a watertight design, with silicone seals, to ensure no leakage. In order to ensure that the menstrual cup was not tipped out with the waste water, we developed a double-ended design. This enables the user to safely tip away waste water without fear of losing the cup.

We tested multiple forms and sizes, eventually ending up with a clean and minimal look at feel, that will easily fit into a bag when away from home.


The CUP² is a compact, watertight container made from polycarbonate. The lids are completely interchangeable and the whole unit is microwavable, in order to allow for easy sterilisation. Having already filled the container with tap water, the user removes and empties the menstrual cup directly into the toilet, before placing into the CUP².

After replacing the lid and ensuring both ends are sealed, a quick shake of the container will quickly rinse the cup. By opening the opposite end, the waste water can be poured away without losing the cup itself. Once empty the cup can be removed and then re-inserted.

The CUP² has been filed for a patent and the Founders are currently fundraising for the production and manufacturing stage of the project.

Credits and other information

Completed: 2022
Client: CupSquared
Product Team: Ben Thorpe, Nathan Partington & Alex Hardisty

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