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We are npd

We work with people to harness the power of design to create better, more rewarding and sustainable outcomes for everyone involved - to create a world that is made good by good design. With product design studios in Manchester and London, we're perfectly positioned to support small businesses and start-ups alike.

We’re inspired to build a world that’s designed for good

Focused on sustainable product design we are inspired by playing our part in creating more opportunities for shared value, through products and experiences that are good for people, good for businesses, good for communities and good for the planet.

Brands our designers have collaborated with

We put people first and focus on keeping it honest and real

If you're looking for a creative team of product design experts, we'd love you to get in touch and chat about your ideas.

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Product Design

De-bunking The Design Process

The design process is messy (sometimes), incredibly rewarding (most of the time) and is built around learning from failure (always).

Product Design

Not all products deserve to exist

It might seem controversial for a product design agency to be turning away clients and projects given the events of the last 18 months, but we’ve got comfortable saying no to projects that we don’t believe in.