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Multi Source Power approached us at the early on in their journey, requiring some input on how best to package their unique energy storage technology. We have since collaborated with the team for more than 4 years producing a number of variations of their unqiue energy storage solutions, which are now redefining the energy sector.


Each unit has been designed from the ground up, challenging the industry norms and introducing production techniques from complementary industries. Ultimately, we were able to simplify the manufacture and assembly of units which could easily have been overly complex. We focussed on maximising energy density per square metre and packaged the internal modules in a way that reduced the size but still optimised airflow for thermal regulation. With a stainless steel substrate, we introduced glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to clad the exterior surfaces due to its insulative properties and allow us to achieve a high end aesthetic that hasn’t been seen in the industry before.


The final product family brings together years of experience in working within multi-disciplinary teams and drew on our extensive experience in fabrication and manufacturing techniques. Multi Source Power’s revenues are predicted to grow by over 1200% in the next year alone with a strong pipeline of orders already secured. Our partnership with Multi Source Power is ongoing, as we now begin to work on the next generation of world leading energy storage systems.

npd brought the whole project together, acting as a link between the engineering and electronic developers. The product looks great and functions better than we expected. It has been a pleasure to work with npd and we are already working on our second project with them.”

Simon Patterson, CEO at Multi Source Power

Credits and other information

Completed: Ongoing
Client: Multi Source Power
Product Team: Nathan Partington & Alex Hardisty

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