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Safepoint are already a well-established market leader when it comes to providing wearable safety devices for lone workers or at-risk staff members.

After the shocking case of Sarah Everard’s murder, Safepoint approached us to assist them in producing an everyday wearable item that would leverage their 24/7 support capabilities and provide young women with a silent, discreet, yet beautiful, advanced panic alarm.


The brief was open enough to encompass any type of jewellery, so our first action was to get first-hand user insights from the target market, that being women under the age of 40, to determine what the most popular type of jewellery might be, along with feedback on personal experiences in threatening situations.

This commentary was equally insightful and terrifying. It was blindingly obvious that this was a product that needed to exist.

This primary research formed the basis of our design development, as we produced three distinct concept designs for wearable bracelets. The final stage of the project was to refine the chosen concept, working in partnership with the electronics suppliers to ensure that the technology was properly housed within as small a footprint as possible.

Callie smart jewellery


The final product is a tiny wearable bracelet, with the option to be fitted with a variety of bracelet styles. The plastic housing is made from recycled ABS, which is then electroplated to give the look and feel of a traditional precious item of jewellery.

To activate the silent panic alarm (which features everything from a call-back service through to providing emergency services with your exact GPS location), simply press down on the charm itself.

We worked with the npd team on the project from the very initial idea through to having something that we could actually hold in our hands and I’m happy to say that I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Callum Coombes, Safepoint CEO

Credits and other information

Completed: 2023
Client: Safepoint
Product Team: Ben Thorpe, Nathan Partington, Alex Anderton & Harriette Machin

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