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Having a great idea is only the first step in launching a new product. The concept design stage is used to define the product’s aesthetics, function, unique selling points and key features. Concept generation builds the story for why a consumer would want to purchase your product over the competition.

Creating a product concept

Concept generation is all about getting ideas down on paper (or digitally) so that they can be communicated both internally and externally, quickly. It’s an opportunity to ‘fail fast’ and prove (or disprove) as many ideas as possible within a short timeframe. Concept design is our chance to input some fresh, creative thinking into your chosen product or market, without too much concern around feasibility (that comes later).

We use a variety of techniques when designing concepts, including digital sketching, quick CAD modelling and maybe even rough 3D printing, as well as the traditional pen and paper method. We’ll use any means necessary to communicate the concept to you.

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