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The tandoor oven is a mainstay of traditional Indian cooking, and our client wanted to bring this style of cooking into the 21st century by developing a unique and easy to use tandoor that can be used in any home garden. There was also a strong focus on the social element of outdoor cooking, where a number of people can be involved in the process.


We conducted an extensive ideation session to break down the product to it’s key requirements before developing the overall aesthetics and function. From the outset, we wanted the product to have an instantly recognisable presence and a personality that invited user participation – something that is often lost with traditional barbecues where access is from one side only. After agreeing on a distinct design language, we transferred the product concept into a detailed design which we were then able to produce a working prototype for user testing and validation. This early proof of concept was also used by the client to gain market interest and produce marketing material ready for launch.


The end result is a unique take on a very traditional cooking technique. Designed with a standard cooking grill as well as six skewers for cooking kebabs, all whilst enclosed from the elements with the removable lid, the Doori is really a ‘do-it-all’ outdoor cooking product. It’s even large enough to cook a whole chicken inside! With the skewers positioned equally around the body, it encourages the users to gather round and create a social cooking experience. Once the cooking is done, the top half can be removed to leave a fire pit to keep the users warm as the evening draws in. The first production units will be available shortly.

Credits & further information:

Completed: 2019
Client: Doori Ltd
Product Team: Nathan Partington & Alex Hardisty

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