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A new approach to social cooking.

Super cool social cooking with Doori

The Doori is a contemporary take on the traditional Indian Tandoor and it’s a fresh approach to social outdoor cooking.  We wanted the product to have a personality and presence in the environment that it is used in. It’s a statement piece from us, one that we are super proud of.

Featuring a cooking grill within the body and 6 skewers, the Doori is able to cook a wide variety of meat and vegetable dishes.  It can even fit a full chicken inside!

An extensive ideation process was used to break the product down to its key elements and requirements before moving to the overall aesthetics and user experience. Moving into a 3D build of the product allowed us to further develop the detail and functionality in preparation for prototyping.

A fully functioning prototype was then created, allowing the client to perform user testing and help market the product in preparation for its manufacture and release.

Doori Cooking Product by North Product Design

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