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We exist to bring ideas to life

npd provides the skills and expertise needed to bring your new product ideas to market, grow your business and enhance your brand's reputation.

Good ideas are the seeds from which good outcomes grow. They may start small, quiet, often ignored or underappreciated. But if they’re truly good they’ll grow – with a little help of course. Good ideas need nurturing, and that’s where npd comes in.

Lots of attentive understanding, appreciation and no-small-amount of technical skill is what we’ll use to bring good ideas to life in all their messy, complicated glory.

With studios in Manchester and London, we’re well placed to support clients across the UK and Europe. If you’ve got a good idea you’d like to chat with us about, please get in touch at  If you have any questions about product design, you may find your answer in our FAQ’s page.

Our Process

We are constantly evolving our product design process to ensure better results for our client’s projects. Our four stage process delivers consistent success and breaks down complex projects into manage packages of work.


Our product designers will work with you and your business to understand your existing product roadmap, existing markets and competitor analysis, with the intention of highlighting a gap in the market that we can assist you in exploiting through design innovation and a defined product direction.

Review Brief,
Determine Scope

Market Research

Form, Function, Market, Users, Competitors


Once the product direction is agreed, we work with you to define a clear Product Specification, including key characteristics, important and essential features as well as aspirational targets for the look and feel of the product. We will also take into account any design or manufacturing standards, target commercials and expected project lead-times.

Product Specification

Moodboards, Themes,
Product Opportunity Areas


From the Product Specification, our team will explore as many design directions and concepts as possible, developing sketches, basic 3D modelling and sometimes crude prototyping. This wide variety of ideas are then used to define the preferred concept direction before moving on to the next stage.

Low Fidelity Prototype, Test, Evaluate

Learn, Iterate / Improve, Repeat


Once the concept direction is agreed, our designers and engineers will further refine the chosen concept, developing detailed 3D models, refined prototyping and life-like visual mock-ups, along with technical specifications needed to open discussions with potential manufacturing partners.

Our goal is to ensure you have everything needed to bring your product to market.

Product Visualisation, Marketing Materials

High Fidelity / working Prototype, Test, Evaluate

Learn, Iterate / Improve, Repeat


We put people first and focus on keeping it honest and real

If you're looking for a creative team of product design experts, we'd love you to get in touch and chat about your ideas.

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