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The primary goal of the product engineering stage is to convert your concept into a three-dimensional model, ready for manufacture. Focusing on the engineering, detail design, and overall product assembly at this stage allows us to prepare everything you need to start conversations with manufacturers.

Product Engineering

The engineering of the product is a process of translating a concept design into a format with which a manufacturer can produce your product. Usually this involves creating highly detailed 3D models, which we can simulate and prototype from in order to prove a design before it is handed over to a manufacturer.

npd studio work closely with clients and our supply network, ensuring that the right decisions are made throughout the product engineering process, giving you the confidence your idea will be manufactured exactly as you imagine it should.

Our team has worked on design engineering projects across multiple market sectors including medical product design, consumer electronics, mechanical engineering, sports equipment, and more. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with product engineering, get in touch below or find out more about npd.


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