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Exposure to dust within a construction environment is proven to cause numerous respiratory diseases. According to HSE, over 500 construction workers die every year due to exposure to silica dust.

Vectorplex approached us to help them develop a market-leading dust extraction and filtration unit that was mobile and able to be used in almost any building environment. The goal being to create a safer environment for those working in the construction industry.


Products such as HAZPOD need to be prototyped and tested repeatedly throughout the development process to test different construction methods and combinations of technology.

Working closely with the client to cleverly package the internal mechanisms and electronics, we used our in-house CNC machining facilities to produce a full scale prototype that was used to test the final geometry before commissioning the production tooling.

Due to the size of the unit, we chose to use rotational moulding for the externals. This allowed us to keep the weight low and maintain manoeuvrability for the end user on site.


After extension testing and validation of the performance, the final result is efficient, quiet and outperforms the market leading competitor when it comes to dust extraction and particle filtration.

We supported the client throughout the manufacturing set-up phase, ensuring that the design intent was maintained through to the first production units.

HAZPOD units are now being used by construction workers up and down the country, creating a safer working environment and reducing unneccessary working hazards.

Credits and other information

Completed: 2019
Client: Vectorplex
Product Team: Nathan Partington & Alex Hardisty

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