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Market leading dust extraction.

The HazPOD is the culmination of 2 years of design, development and testing that brings together a range of features that will revolutionise the collection of airborne particles in the construction industry.

Exposure to dust is proven to cause numerous respiratory diseases and legislation is now changing to put more ownership on contractors to capture and collect dust at source. The compact size of the product allows it to work perfectly within confined spaces and it can be manoeuvred around sites easily.

Products such as HazPOD need to be prototyped repeatedly throughout the development process to test different construction methods and combinations of technology. We engaged with local manufacturers from an early stage to progress the design, with each iteration resulting in big leaps in performance.

We used our in-house CNC machining facilities to produce a full scale prototype that was used to test the final geometry before commissioning the production tooling. The final result is efficient, quiet and outperforms the market leading competitor.

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