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Innovative plastic-free vessel for natural deodorant.


A portable, multi-functional menstrual cup cleaner.


Market-leading industrial dust extraction and filtration.


A new approach to social cooking.

We focus on solving real-world problems.
We don’t do next season’s style or colour.
We create products that bring about change.
We are npd.

Product design work

Our product design all starts with doing good.

We’re at our most inspired when working with like-minded people. Those who, like us, are keen to play their part in creating shared opportunities through new products and experiences that are good for people, good for businesses, good for communities and good for the planet. It’s an ambitious ethos, but we’ll stand by it, for good.

Product design ideas


Off-grid energy storage.

Ideas that impact.
Design that connects.

We work with people to harness the power of product design to create better, more rewarding and sustainable products for everyone involved. To create a world that is made good by good design.

The people-first product people.

There are many ways to measure the value of product design. We choose to find our inspiration and our reward in the outcomes we create, for the individuals and organisations we work with and the people they are aiming to serve. We do things with style; but we never do things purely for style. No purpose? No point.


Sustainable sunglasses.

We don’t work in straight lines.

The product design process is gloriously messy (most of the time). So, whilst other studios will show you their sterilised surfaces and carefully curated set-ups, we’re proud to celebrate getting our hands dirty. Because it’s these meticulous methods of trial and error that offer the most reward. Great design is a journey, and its destination can be surprising. With a product design studio in Manchester and product designers in London we are well placed to take care of all your design needs.

Product Design Meeting

We focus on making
good choices together.

We’re a product design agency that helps transform your product ideas into tangible, interactive objects. We love the idea of working with like-minded people to make something amazing.



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