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vTherm C+


Our first collaboration with Vital Energi has resulted in the vTherm C+. It is the first in a series of Cooling Interface Unit’s (CIU) in a wider program to bring the production of their products in-house. As an industry leader in low carbon energy generation, it was imperative that the new product outperformed the outgoing model. The unit also needed to be designed in a modular format, allowing scope for the range to expand in the future. Thermal insulation was also a key area of focus, to minimise temperature loss in the unit.


The project required the npd and Vital Energi engineering teams to work closely over a 9 month period.

We focussed on the core technology, building the product from the inside out using our cloud-based CAD software that enabled us to facilitate the integration of multiple third party components. With dozens of individually bent pipes, connections and fabricated parts, the biggest challenge was keeping track of component changes and their knock-on effects to the complex network of internal piping.


The modular outer body, made from expanded polypropylene, is designed to be used on multiple models with varying depths. It also features a sturdy sheet metal chassis from which to mount all the components. The vTherm C+ cooling interface unit offers market-leading performance and is expected to exceed all sales volume expectations over the first 3 years. The bulk of the supply chain is also contained within the UK, further protecting Vital Energi’s ability to deliver, despite international supply chain distruptions. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Vital Energi and assist with bringing the wider product range to market.

V Therm Cooling Unit Inner Workings
V Therm Cooling Interface Unit

“This was a really tricky project as we were moving from being an assembler of products to a manufacturer. npd brought great value to the project and with their knowledge of manufacturing processes they helped us to build a strong supply chain and created a product family that we will continue to build on.”

Ian Spencer, Technical Director at Vital Energi

Credits and other information

Completed: 2022
Client: Vital Energi
Product Team: Ben Thorpe, Nathan Partington & Alex Hardisty

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