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Thoughts and insights from the npd team.

Product Design

New Product Launch – Zock

The Zock metatarsal injury protector is the latest NPD product to be launched, soon it will be ready to buy online, but how did we go from an idea to the final product? Here is the story …

Product Design

China supply chain vs New startups

As I write this I am returning from what has turned out to be my most challenging trip to China since I first started to go there over 10 years ago.

Delayed flights, adverse weather, jet lag. These things are the norms for any long distance flight, particularly when taking domestic flights in China like I had to this time. I was used to that though, they were things I had experience of. The challenge came in having to justify why I was there to factory owners who were sceptical of my visit.

Product Design

A year of Design

We are a few months into 2017 and we have definitely hit the ground running. Design and entrepreneurship looks to be high on the North West’s agenda and we are lucky to be involved in so many great projects, working with inspiration people and businesses.

Product Design

Design sketch modelling

The last decade has seen huge improvements in rapid prototyping, particularly 3D printing. costs have also reduced massively, not just on the material side but the machines themselves and are now affordable to the point that they can be brought in house.

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