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Our collaboration with thinAir started back in 2020 with the client identifying that their existing product was just too expensive to manufacture and had reliability issues. They were looking to scale their business up and needed a product that would allow them to do so.

We were tasked with the re-design and engineering of their core product from the ground up to create a simple assembly process for the various components, along with a new aesthetic for the product that was more in-line with their brand ambitions.


We started by breaking down the product into multiple sub-assemblies that created a logical build order for the product, allowing each sub-assembly to be built and tested independently before coming together at the final stage.

Using our experience of designing sheet metal components, we built a completely new chassis for the sub-assemblies to be easily mounted. It was also clear from our user studies that the outer enclosure needed to be easily cleanable, with minimal dirt trap zones. So we designed a one-piece outer enclosure, compared with the previous version which was made up of over 26 pieces, which gave the product the clean and minimal design language required.


thinAir’s revolutionary oxygen therapy delivers personalised programmes to support the users body to Recover, Repair and Regenerate. Combining the science of intermittent hypoxic therapy with sophisticated software, thinAir have created a world first in adaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live.

It can now be assembled in hours, rather than days, allowing thinAir to build at the scale needed to grow the business. The product is also 23% cheaper to produce with a much greater level of quality than before. Since the product launch, sales volumes are growing month on month and hundreds of people globally are now enjoying the health benefits that the product brings.

npd bought into our vision from day one and pushed to create a product that we are all really proud of. The project was a huge challenge and the end result is already changing lives.”

Chris Kavanagh, CEO at thinAir

Credits and other information

Completed: 2022
Client: thinAir
Product Team: Alex Hardisty, Nathan Partington

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