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Traditional meets contemporary.

NiniPod Bespoke Children's Cot
product concept design

A compactable and adaptable children’s cot, that combines the functionality of the Ghodiyu (traditional Indian cradle) with minimalistic Scandinavian styling. The cot can evolve and adapt as the child grows, allowing it to be used from 0-9 months. The extendable supporting arms allow for easy height adjustment and the quick lock-off clips enable it to go from swinging to secure. It also includes a clip in swaddle to secure babies for a safe night’s sleep, as well as an extendable base for when they start being able to sit up and stand.

We alternated between sketched visuals and basic prototypes to help define the aesthetics, functionality and overall form. Our holistic design process allowed us to identify and address key areas to develop throughout the project. A refined prototype for user testing was produced, which was used to further improve both the functionality and the overall user experience.

I can highly recommend npd and look forward to working with them on our next project.

Kevin Patel, Co-founder / Nini

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