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Founded by husband and wife Kev and Suze Patel, Nini Baby was born out of the couples first experiences of parenthood. Struggling with sleep in those first precious months, Kev’s mum bought them a traditional Indian swinging cot, similar to what he’d slept in as a newborn.

The cot quickly became their sleep saviour – rocking their newborn son to sleep in minutes. The couple knew they had to share this experience with other parents, and so the idea for NiniPod was born.


We alternated between sketched visuals and basic prototypes to help define the aesthetics, functionality and overall form. Our holistic design process allowed us to identify and address key areas to develop throughout the project.

Along with the overall cradle concept, we also developed a swaddle for the baby, which connects with the cradle to stop the baby from rolling over. We also designed it to have mesh sides and a breathable mattress, which increases airflow for better temperature regulation.

These two features combined are also highly effective safety features which help reduce the risk of cot deaths.


The end result is a fully adjustable and travel-friendly cot for babies 0-9 months old. It takes just two minutes to assemble or disassemble and comes with a bespoke carry case.

It is designed in line with The Lullaby Trust Safe Sleep Guidelines and built to conform with British Standard BS EN-716:2017 for a safe and worry free nights sleep for parents and babies alike.

The project took around 3 years from start to launch, with the NiniPod being sold direct to consumer through the NiniBaby website.

“I can highly recommend npd and look forward to working with them on our next project.”

Kevin Patel, Co-Founder at Nini Baby

Credits and other information

Completed: 2019
Client: Nini Baby
Product Team:  Nathan Partington

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