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COVID-19 Testing Kit

Mass Covid testing for the UK population.

Product: Covid 19 Test Kit

Working with a leading pharmaceutical company, the npd studio team created a bespoke COVID-19 testing kit enclosure to enable simple and rapid testing of the population. The two part assembly was designed around an internal testing swab, providing fast, clear information to the test subject.

Working to a strict deadline, the entire development was completed in under 3 days, allowing the product to quickly proceed into mass manufacture.

We 3D printed over 27 different housings in order to prove out the design, taking time to measure and check the parts against the required specification. Due to the volumes of product that will be produced, each component was designed for an automated assembly line.

Whilst the majority of the design effort focussed on the internals, the external appearance was purposely kept minimal in its design as to not detract from the key indicator window. A smooth and rounded form also provides comfort to the user, an important feature as it is likely the user will be experiencing high levels of anxiety whilst waiting for the test result to complete.

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