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Product Design Blogs

Thoughts and insights from the npd team.

Product Design

De-bunking The Design Process

The design process is messy (sometimes), incredibly rewarding (most of the time) and is built around learning from failure (always).

Product Design

Not all products deserve to exist

It might seem controversial for a product design agency to be turning away clients and projects given the events of the last 18 months, but we’ve got comfortable saying no to projects that we don’t believe in.

Product Design

Taking a hard line on sustainability

A reflection on 2020 and our contribution to the world.

Product Design

Product Design during a National Emergency

It’s week 3 into a National Emergency with COVID-19, we have been taking some time to adjust, but also contemplating what this might mean for the future of product design.

Product Design

How to reduce product costs and increase profits

Last week I had a discussion with a client about increasing their profitability without constantly generating new product solutions each year.

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